Brihanmumbai Electric Supply & Transport Undertaking
 (of the Brihanmumbai Mahanagarpalika)

DSM Activities
  • Conduct of DSM and Demand Response potential Studies, Setting short and long-term DSM targets.

  • DSM Programmes, Portfolio and Plans preparation, documentation, routine monitoring and Regulatory reporting.

  • Load forecasting at aggregate system level, segment level and the end-use level.

  • Integrated Resource Planning (IRP) exercise that includes DSM as a key resource in power planning.

  • Preparation of annual DSM Budgets.

  • DSM programme level dispute resolution.

Development of DSM related centralized information system and database to aid DSM planning, programme design, cost assumptions and Evaluation, Measurement & Verification Implementation of DSM plans and programmes that are approved by the Commission Inventory of DSM Programmes, costs, achievements, and lessons learned. DSM measure wise estimation of deemed savings, costs and timing, avoided power costs. Research and analysis in support of DSM plans.

Providing inputs to:
1) Centralised Information system / database development work;
2) Research and analysis work;
3) DSM and demand response Potential studies;
4) Load forecasting model development efforts;
5) Any other activities suggested by the DSM-CC or as directed by the Commission.

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