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Energy Conservation Activities

BESTs distribution loss -

Through sustained efforts BEST has achieved a low level of distribution loss i.e. 5.5 % even though it has high proportion of LT Consumers. This is result of policies and procedures adopted by BEST at various levels in the organisation. Sustained efforts have been given to control the technical and non-technical losses. This reduces BESTs overall power requirement at generation and hence saves fuel such as coal – thereby serving a major role in environment and ecosystem protection..

Present Street lighting –

Conversion from HPMV to HPSV : Initially we were using mercury vapour lamps; from 1984 onwards we started replacing HPMV by HPSV.

80 watt HPMV replaced by 2x11 watt CFL : : 80 watt HPMV in decorative garden lanterns were replaced by energy efficient 2 x 15 watt CFL.

Conversion from HPSV to LED : As on 30/09/2017, there are a total 41387 nos of street light lamps in BEST system in MCGM & MMRDA limits, majority of which are HPSV Lamps with ballast. Since March-2017 we have implemented the pilot project for replacement of 10% of these HPSV lamps by Energy Efficient LED integral Lanterns of various wattges in order to achieve a 40% energy saving as compare to that of HPSV lamps

Mechanical timers replaced by electronic timers : Previously switching on/off of street lights was done manually and by mechanical timers. This was replaced by electronic timers using astronomical calendar thereby switching lights only at required time as per seasonal variations..

Timer for gardens and play grounds : Electronic timers are used to switch off lights at 11.00 P.M. At gardens and play grounds and sw-on at 04:00 hrs.

One third energy saving : Automatic switching off of one phase is done by installing additional timer which operates from 1.00 A.M. To 5.00 P.M.

Future Street lighting Projects -

LED Lanterns: It is proposed to replace additional 10000 nos of HPSV Lanterns by LED Integral Lanterns by March-2018. The tender has been floated and procurement proposal is in pipeline.

Electronic ballast: Pilot project has been carried out by installing these ballast in lanterns at D.P. Rd. Behind worli depot. There is saving in energy. Another pilot project will be taken in hand.

Automated street lighting management system (ASMS):
To automatically manage the street light system presently 416 nos of SLPs out of 460 SLPs have been covered under ASMS. The existing system is maintained by M/s TVASTAR upto Dec-2017. A fresh tender has been floated for covering all SLPs under ASMS with additional features of threshold alarms and GIS mapping is under consideration.

Audio Visual Presentation -

On various occasions video films/slides are shown to public on issues of energy conservation. During the celebration/observance of Energy Conservation Week, National Safety Week and Electrical Safety Week we arrange audio visual programmes by showing audio-visuals on these subjects to increase awareness of staff and general public with the help of Energy Conservation/Electrical Safety Bus “Saudamini” equipped with DLP Projector and other audio visual equipments.


Energy Conservation Week -

As per the directives of the Maharashtra Energy Development Agency (MEDA), with the approval of the General Manager “Energy Conservation Week is celebrated in the month of December every year by Electric Supply Branch by conducting the programmes for promoting the awareness about “Energy Conservation”. During the week pledge on ‘Energy Conservation’ is taken by all the Officers & Staff , Flex banners exhibiting the message of “Energy Conservation” are displayed at prominent places, banners are displayed on our low Voltage Supply Restoration Vehicle (Main’s Engineers Vehicles) and on our mobile training vehicle (Saudamini). Our Energy Conservation Bus equipped with DLP, VCD tours at number of public places and Audio Visual shows are conducted, during which officers and staffs gives lectures on “Energy Conservation”. During these shows, pamphlets published by the MEDA in Marathi giving the information about energy efficient lighting, copies of BEST Ready Reckoner for monthly consumption are distributed to the general public.

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