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As per the directives of Maharashtra Electricity Regulatory Commission (MERC), a Demand Side Management (DSM) Cell has been created during the year 2008 in BEST Undertaking for focusing on Demand Side Management initiatives. This Cell primarily deals with encouraging, motivating and educating the consumers to use energy efficient electrical equipment’s and to use energy in off-peak periods to avoid costly power purchase during peak period.

The DSM Cell is functioning as per the guidelines given in the Maharashtra Electricity Regulatory Commission (DSM Implementation Framework) Regulations 2010 dated 26th April 2010 and Maharashtra Electricity Regulatory Commission (DSM Measures & Programs Cost Effectiveness Assessment) Regulation 2010 dated 26th April 2010.

At present DSM cell is involved in carrying out Implementation of Pilot Programs such as energy efficient LED bulbs, LED tubelights, Ceiling Fans, Split ACs, etc, Preparing five years DSM Plan, etc. As a part of demand-side Management (DSM) activity,


DSM aims at educating consumers to avoid wastage of energy, use energy efficient equipment’s and use energy in off peak period to reduce the peak demand. To use innovative consumer friendly concepts and technologies and encourage use of modern technology towards energy usage management to achieve optimal energy utilisation.

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