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Thermal Energy Storage, Ampiebit Energy , IMaCS

Thermal Energy Storage
Cristopia Energy Systems (I) Pvt. Ltd. is an ISO 9001:2008 certified, specialist Engineering Group which manufactures large and small scale cooling, heating and energy management solutions, such as Air Cooled & Water Cooled Screw Chillers, Scroll Chillers, and Thermal Energy Storage (TES) systems, in India. -

Ampiebit Energy
Amplebit has multiple products in its ADSL 2/2+ product line. With significant hardware virtualization, Amplebit modems achieve cost reduction of 25% to 50% for the PC OEMs and operators. With closer integration of modem with the desktop, customers can expect increased product life and significant reduction in support cost. Amplebit is also developing next generation, cost effective wire-line and wireless broadband products -

IMaCS is a multi-line management and development consulting firm. IMaCS is a fully-owned subsidiary of ICRA Limited (ICRA), one of India's leading credit rating agencies. Group ICRA comprises four businesses: Credit Rating, Management Consulting, IT (Software & Analytics), KPO and Information services, offered by four different companies comprising ICRA and its three subsidiaries, namely, ICRA Management Consulting Services Limited (IMaCS), ICRA Techno Analytics Limited (ICTEAS) and ICRA Online Limited (ICRON). -

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Ampiebit Energy

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