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Energy that we use at our homes and offices comes at a cost. The cost that is paid by us, by our nation and by the environment. As an individual one has to pay the electricity bills, as government we have to make provision for newer power plants and in this process of creation of power plants damage is done to the greenery and to the atmosphere, which culminates in to global warming, which is a matter of serious concern today.
In this process of meeting the energy needs the environment has suffered and is still suffering. We have to stay on this earth without disturbing its ecosystem. For this we have to be particular about our energy usage. Reduction of energy usage is therefore need of the hour from various perspectives of sustainable living.

10 point actions we can take
Use Energy Efficient Appliances.
Use energy just as much necessary.
Use energy during off peak hours.
Switch off lights / fans partially during lunch.
Use A/C at 24o C and to switch it off in vacant spaces
Use solar water heaters and solar electricity.
Reduce electricity consumption by at least 10 % wherever possible.
You may award/motivate people to save energy.
Create awareness in your office, society about energy conservation.
Participate in Demand Side Management Programs.


 Maharashtra state Energy Conservation Details please refer MEDA website
 For Energy Conservation Act 2001 please refer BEE website

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